Friday, November 26, 2010

I feel like a super naive idealist who never believed they were idealist until something fucked up happens and the REAL grid of idealism and realism is materialized one night you're stoned as hell analyzing "how the eff does this happen?" and then you question your small reality until you felt extreme anxiety -the anxiety that stems from discovering a different reality outside of yourself. 
thought my outlook was normal, mid-grid. like I thought it was really hard for people to be so intentionally fucked up and i also thought, most people thought the same way. 


I'm buying a ticket after winter quarter
will be traveling India via motorcycle

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I can hardely handle this stoned.
The Gaudy Side of Town - Gayngs
Gayngs has played on my lastfm stations before but Idk, i think it was just the faded high song or something.  
i got the album and it's the best secret album of the year and you need to get it immediately and maybe masturbate for humanity.

hmmm. i guess i'm trying to say that i'm going to have fabulous and great amounts of sex to this album. you know what i mean.

remember this? this song used to be so bangin'.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

cosmic chorus

enhancing pulse looking straight emitting companionship, repeating 1.4 milliseconds like the rhythm of a Novella pulsar tearing through galactic dust consuming so ravenous blinding bright cove of a galaxy with a black hole in the middle, became so bright it's black, became a space so tight everything would fit inside a sun.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Motorcycle Boy: Even the most primitive of societies have an innate respect for the insane.

You only have two choices: rent mainstream new -old- release at safeway or hunt through shitty ass family comedy from garage sales in luck of coming across a two dollar 90's indie vhs (I haven't found one yet.)

You just kinda wanna watch Sophia Coppola's Rumble Fish. You remind yourself you don't like movies that much anyways.