Friday, July 30, 2010

Rlly? How is this possible, James franco?

"[G]raduate school. As soon as Franco finished at UCLA, he moved to New York and enrolled in four of them: NYU for film making, Columbia for fiction writing, Brooklyn College for fiction writing, and — just for good measure — a low-residency poetry program at Warren Wilson College in North Carolina. This fall, at 32, before he’s even done with all of these, he’ll be starting at Yale, for a Ph.D. in English, and also at the Rhode Island School of Design".

I mean, i kinda have this thing where i don't masterbate to actors as real ppl
until now.
carbon neutral shopping coupons with

Thursday, July 29, 2010

I'm going to keep writing here, for a more self-rewarding missive or something.
In constituent,

constituitve likeings both disembodied and material at twenty-four.three

- appropriating [everything] into mason jars; toothpaste/toothbrush, drink, tips, bulk food, etc.
- finally understanding, my ability to mentally solidate myself in the presence of others is not in lieu of any social shortcoming(s).
- an admirable soundscape identity; complex, conceptual, refined, specific.
- concepts > details
- anti-digital-photography & anti-uploading-anything-by-use-of-a-damn-cord.
- sleeping in buses/vans for no reason other than employing the situation with my best friend
- toms baking soda toothpaste
- rolling my own [balli shag] cigarettes
- metaphors!
- textile bracelets
- mentally substituting nouns for the wrd 'cunt'
- a natural avoidence of activities absent of psychological stimulation
- unspoken unsaids
- day-old refrigerated drip coffee

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Kant paragraph; the [funniest] best in existence.

Over and above all this, music has a certain lack of urbanity about it. For owing chiefly to the character of its instruments, it scatters its influence abroad to an uncalled-for extent (through the neighbourhood), and thus, as it were, becomes obtrusive and deprives others, outside the musical circle, of their freedom. This is a thing that the arts that address themselves to the eye do not do, for if one is not disposed to give admittance to their impressions, one has only to look the other way. The case is almost on a par with the practice of regaling oneself with a perfume that exhales its odours far and wide. The man who pulls his perfumed handkerchief from his pocket gives a treat to all around whether they like it or not, and compels them, if they want to breathe at all, to be parties to the enjoyment, and so the habit has gone out of fashion.*

*Those who have recommended the singing of hymns at family prayers have forgotten the amount of annoyance which they give to the general public by such noisy (and, as a rule, for that very reason pharisaical) worship, for they compel their neighbours either to join in the singing or else abandon their meditation.

Monday, July 19, 2010

swinging sisters

Which of these best describes you today?

a) A rat in a cage
b) A clam on a stage
c) a baby in a Skinner box

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Recent Mark 'cobrasnake' Hunter.

he photographs her alot. she looks like a hotter Bebe Zeva.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


here you go.
this leaked rlly early.
orgasimic relevant

listen to this
and know
life has purpose
feel like the oil spill will vanish
and live better

Monday, July 5, 2010

mutant sperm

As an American human being, I exercise freedoms ridiculously in small but meaningful ways.One way i celebrate my rights is by NOT celebrating 'holidays'. And I don't rlly feel like blogging abt my '4th of July'. This is also a day in my life, like so many, hard to exemplify. Rlly, I went to an organic sulfate free winery on lake Roosevelt, played croquet, danced freely to live reggae music, and smoked dank with people whose names are virtues. It was by far a great day.
It's time to question ourselves with a conceptual vid.

mutant sperm from Douglas Burgdorff on Vimeo.
phởcked up, gang of phở, smashing ph0mkins, jungle phởthers, loose phởr, the microphởnes, my phởdy valentine, phởlivia tremor control, pussy phởlore, popol phở, peanut ph0tter,

We felt we had to change everything.

While Yorke was receiving praise for his music, he became openly hostile to the media. He believed his songs had become part of a constant background noise he described as "fridge buzz". Yorke felt that "all the sounds you made, that made you happy, have been sucked of everything they meant.
[Colin Greenwood] -- "we felt we had to change everything".

The lyrics were not officially released or published in its liner notes. Thom Yorke, who wrote all the lyrics, explained this by saying the words could not be considered separately from the music. He said he used a vocal manipulation to distance himself from the title track's "brutal and horrible" subject matter, which he could not have sung otherwise. For at least some of the lyrics, Yorke cut up words and phrases and drew them from a hat.
Yorke said he had "completely had it with melody. I just wanted rhythm".
He liked the idea of his voice being used as an instrument rather than having a leading role in the album.

this success was credited variously to a unique marketing campaign, the early Internet leak of the album.  

[wiki on kid A]