Thursday, September 30, 2010

You're welcome!

Deerhunter - Helicopter (Diplo & Lunice mix) by maddecent

Halcyon Digest is my new life.

existentialism is a humanism so hard

Sartre argues that man wills what he is, providing theory for radical freedom. He writes, "when operating on the level of complete authenticity, I have acknowledged that existence precedes essence, and that man is a free being who, under any circumstances, can only ever will his freedom, I have at the same time acknowledged that I must will the freedom of others."

In asserting that Existentialism is a Humanism Sartre means that it places the human being at the center of its attention and at the apex of its value hierarchy. Our ultimate goal should be to foster the freedom of the individual.

Sartre's famous lecture in October 1945 :

The talk started by proclaiming "existence precedes essence", he explained this meant that individuals create their own values because there is no moral order in the universe. This freedom is the ultimate value.


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

non compos mentis

Is psychological when people focus on 'condition' rather than 'truth'?
Like, "I'm so stressed, soo stressed", instead of, "I'm gonna make my life not stressful now".

I'm so stressed about my shit, I'm not getting it done.
I don't feel like eating or getting drunk, that's mad stressed for me.

Feel like I should run away before I'm commited this year, next year, and next year, and next...
I need to run to Colorado now. Get a small apt. Get a barista job. And never look back.

I'm serious (see?)
STEP 1) Get my electric shit -lights and heat- working in my jetta.
STEP 2) Save $$$
STEP 3) look more supermodel for more oppertunities
STEP 4) Don't think, just go

mercy                                                                                                                                          justice

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Descartes on 'hapiness' and me chatting about shrooms on the internet.

A not-so-great string of events happened this week/weekend (know I'm being very agreeable, putting it that way). I know it's a full moon and my period is sailing into shore regardless, infinitesimal shit hasn't made me wallow FOR LIKE, the last nine months! I mean the bike accident was bad, smashing my RayBan aviators sucks, but the shrooms I did friday should of totally made up for that!
If I find myself melancholy, I can usually assure myself it's the compromise for a mind of analyzations, then, I reason my way out. But this week/weekend my friends were depressed, even through high times friday night.

Descartes believed that melancholy could be overcome through the efforts of the will. He formulates three rules for contentment:
Follow reason in knowing what to do and not do;
refuse to allow passion to overcome reason;
and resist desiring things that lie beyond your reach.

Didn't y'all read Klosterman, EVERYBODY HAS BEEN DEPRESSED SINCE THE 90'S...

Thursday, September 23, 2010


"The suffering of animals is particularly challenging because it is not amenable to the familiar palliative explanations of human suffering. Animals are assumed not to have free will and thus to be unable either to choose evil or deserve to suffer it. Neither are they assumed to have immortal souls; hence there can be no expectation that they will be compensated for their suffering in a celestial afterlife. Nor do they appear to be conspicuously elevated or ennobled by the final suffering they endure in a predator’s jaws."

The Meat Eaters (read it!)

Monday, September 20, 2010


I was shopping at the habitat for humanity thrift store on friday where I found a vintage Michel de Montaigne book of essays, selected and illustrated by Salvador Dali.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

when people say you would of been proud of me, I think what people mean to say is you inspired me to do this.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

bellingham is maybe the coolest town.

"potatoes and tequilla" just hits home or something.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Coming, Freedom, and Best Coasty

Your new Franzen and coming and crying hasn't arrived yet which sucks because good reviews and buzz is steezing internet life, feeding your enthusiasm, naturally you've checked your mailbox like 10x a day over the last seven days when you were rlly just doltishly wasting your time, since you're still waiting anyways!
Sigh. Pre-order my ass!

(I'm gonna see best coasty on halloween)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Navajo Bixby - Down Under

thx tangents and the times!

a pathetic post on your feed there to confirm someone elses day.

An hour ago I saw rainbow. Ever since the double rainbow bro, when i see a rainbow i feel a little better about life.

I need to fold my clothes, drink more water.

I can't imagine wearing anything but plain vnecks with rolledup sleeves.

Tomorrow I hope it rains again. Rain nullifies guilty feelings for me if I want to curlup in the electric blanket, read all day, and drink tea in bed.

passion pit just played on my playlist. I just haven't found an album that has made them irrelevant yet. I like them, even if -seems like- pashypit is becoming an acute soundtrack to consumerism.

Try to remember, while thinking about everything, don't forget to be where you are now.

1:18 makes evrybdy totally fucking happy.

Monday, September 6, 2010

the world is perfect

Rather than being in an attitude of 'anything goes', occupy a deep awareness which makes contact which is permissive to what is trying to arise. Be guided by consciously cooperating with  higher self and when u sense a scorching wind,  know u bend when it blows. being transparent and flexible, hidden agendas of yr own or others no longer block movement, no longer gauge responses on the basis of tightly proscribed conditions. Life will always be expansive with contractions, trusting in this unfolding process requires the dissolution of controlling and defensive habits.

Squeezing reality into time frames, purposes, and needs means your not comfortable with things as they unfold which is the miraculous nature of what reality rlly is.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Genetically-Modified Frankenfish Is Safe to Eat via FDA

Today is the day the FDA says that the AquAdvantage salmon "is as safe as food from conventional Atlantic salmon." [gawker]. do you know if this shit is gonna be labeled in the safeways?

the gmo generation.

Two months ago i was hungover & high in safeway. I wanted cereal. I went up and dwn the isle twice, not one was hghfrctscrnsyrp free.

 i am a human with standards and i'm wrried. i'm wrried.