Thursday, July 29, 2010

constituitve likeings both disembodied and material at twenty-four.three

- appropriating [everything] into mason jars; toothpaste/toothbrush, drink, tips, bulk food, etc.
- finally understanding, my ability to mentally solidate myself in the presence of others is not in lieu of any social shortcoming(s).
- an admirable soundscape identity; complex, conceptual, refined, specific.
- concepts > details
- anti-digital-photography & anti-uploading-anything-by-use-of-a-damn-cord.
- sleeping in buses/vans for no reason other than employing the situation with my best friend
- toms baking soda toothpaste
- rolling my own [balli shag] cigarettes
- metaphors!
- textile bracelets
- mentally substituting nouns for the wrd 'cunt'
- a natural avoidence of activities absent of psychological stimulation
- unspoken unsaids
- day-old refrigerated drip coffee

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