Monday, July 5, 2010

We felt we had to change everything.

While Yorke was receiving praise for his music, he became openly hostile to the media. He believed his songs had become part of a constant background noise he described as "fridge buzz". Yorke felt that "all the sounds you made, that made you happy, have been sucked of everything they meant.
[Colin Greenwood] -- "we felt we had to change everything".

The lyrics were not officially released or published in its liner notes. Thom Yorke, who wrote all the lyrics, explained this by saying the words could not be considered separately from the music. He said he used a vocal manipulation to distance himself from the title track's "brutal and horrible" subject matter, which he could not have sung otherwise. For at least some of the lyrics, Yorke cut up words and phrases and drew them from a hat.
Yorke said he had "completely had it with melody. I just wanted rhythm".
He liked the idea of his voice being used as an instrument rather than having a leading role in the album.

this success was credited variously to a unique marketing campaign, the early Internet leak of the album.  

[wiki on kid A]

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