Thursday, August 12, 2010

substance abuse

After MASS partying for two consecutive week days, even this sentence is hard to understand. rlly love my bff though; I'm down right determined to make some curtains for the VW today, even if I have to search images like this and youtube every step. lately, I'm such a 'hot mess', even my phone is hungover; the screen sometimes responds but still thinks we're dialing somebody. Anyways, I would of called y'all for help and support. I have friends that just made curtains for their VWbus, I'm wishing we were neighbors today.

Soooo, how the eff do I 'load my bobber' properly? and where did the gnarly 'upper thread' go?


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Chelsea Pants said...

baby sister, sometimes i feel like i'm the eldest and other times i'm so stoked to be the baby in our family.

i would help you rock that shit out. the upper thread is always such a bitch though. i mostly just start threading it through random holes until the effing machine works properly. but when it does, i feel like a savant genius: so stupid it works :)

post pics of those curtains. i can't wait.