Sunday, September 26, 2010

Descartes on 'hapiness' and me chatting about shrooms on the internet.

A not-so-great string of events happened this week/weekend (know I'm being very agreeable, putting it that way). I know it's a full moon and my period is sailing into shore regardless, infinitesimal shit hasn't made me wallow FOR LIKE, the last nine months! I mean the bike accident was bad, smashing my RayBan aviators sucks, but the shrooms I did friday should of totally made up for that!
If I find myself melancholy, I can usually assure myself it's the compromise for a mind of analyzations, then, I reason my way out. But this week/weekend my friends were depressed, even through high times friday night.

Descartes believed that melancholy could be overcome through the efforts of the will. He formulates three rules for contentment:
Follow reason in knowing what to do and not do;
refuse to allow passion to overcome reason;
and resist desiring things that lie beyond your reach.

Didn't y'all read Klosterman, EVERYBODY HAS BEEN DEPRESSED SINCE THE 90'S...

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