Wednesday, September 29, 2010

non compos mentis

Is psychological when people focus on 'condition' rather than 'truth'?
Like, "I'm so stressed, soo stressed", instead of, "I'm gonna make my life not stressful now".

I'm so stressed about my shit, I'm not getting it done.
I don't feel like eating or getting drunk, that's mad stressed for me.

Feel like I should run away before I'm commited this year, next year, and next year, and next...
I need to run to Colorado now. Get a small apt. Get a barista job. And never look back.

I'm serious (see?)
STEP 1) Get my electric shit -lights and heat- working in my jetta.
STEP 2) Save $$$
STEP 3) look more supermodel for more oppertunities
STEP 4) Don't think, just go

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