Tuesday, September 7, 2010

a pathetic post on your feed there to confirm someone elses day.

An hour ago I saw rainbow. Ever since the double rainbow bro, when i see a rainbow i feel a little better about life.

I need to fold my clothes, drink more water.

I can't imagine wearing anything but plain vnecks with rolledup sleeves.

Tomorrow I hope it rains again. Rain nullifies guilty feelings for me if I want to curlup in the electric blanket, read all day, and drink tea in bed.

passion pit just played on my playlist. I just haven't found an album that has made them irrelevant yet. I like them, even if -seems like- pashypit is becoming an acute soundtrack to consumerism.

Try to remember, while thinking about everything, don't forget to be where you are now.

1:18 makes evrybdy totally fucking happy.


Chelsea Pants said...

I saw a double rainbow today. This is how I responded, and then I remembered you had this on here. So I watched, and I thought, "Wow, I'm glad I'm not the only person moved to tears at the double rainbow (all the way)." It made me feel less segregated from

Chelsea Pants said...