Thursday, December 23, 2010

it's friday. you will be drunk enough but not drunk enough that you will drive home. the person you take home turns on the lights flooding you with a wave of confused sensations and feelings of vomit rising. the lights will have to be off for sex but he will keep switching them on, besides this, or in part of this, it will also be the most erotic sex you've ever had. after your disgusting acts you will throw up, throw up again, and be a major part in heaving episodes airing every ten minutes. you will be put to bed and you'll wake up at 4pm. remember the pellimini in the freezer that you bought for these situations? feel excited and eat it, watch ancient aliens on a tv set.

Mover Shaker - GamesAfricaGamesAfrica (Games x Toto x JayZ x BigBoi x AmandaBlank) by downloadmovershaker

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