Saturday, January 8, 2011

today i saw a kid on a leash eating a GMO hotdog

i'm not a parent. idk, i'm not a parent but i have a mother and i was a child.

i have a great amount of feelings towards parenting and pedagogy.
want to teach my child(ren) to hand sign at an early age so I will always rlly engage while communicating. if i had a child right now, i would make sure we had an ipad, feel like we should supply our children with relevant technology like ipads. i watched this TED video a while back and re:found to paste here. this confirmed the fact that i want to read things like plato to my child(ren) and it isn't some creepy ideal in my head or something.
watch the ted talk video now.  
srsly watch the ted talk vidie now.

i mean, we should try to be better.

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