Tuesday, August 3, 2010

tuesday autonomy

I spent last night in the VWbus down by the river and have yet to rlly 'do something' with my day.
At the sandys' drive-in, dressed with pjs and my best poodle hair, I sipped on two cups of folgers with scott. He ate french toast. We discussed economics, raising children, ladygag slut artist [time mags interesting ppl article], and 'diet pills', because the mainstream morning [2,4, or 6] program was feelin' risky and [btw], they're not healthy. I had yogurt sprinkled with hemp hearts, fresh huckleberries, and 30oz of coffee for breakfast. I just looked up the wrd 'sojourn' while listening to the new Arcade Fire album, the suburbs. Approaching 10:45am, the day is not going ostensibly well, added with happy torpor -I know it's not going anywhere. I plan on, but know, not all will be completed nor attempted; doing my hair, walking to the post office, hitting up safeway (organic yogurt), doing dishes, folding the heap of laundry on my couch, brew much needed kombucha, taking a 2+ hr nap, pay-off a fine, catch an episode of ancient aliens, do some interneting, and sign-up for classes. It's my day off... in all candor, i hope no one comes over, no one calls. Forget me today or resist the urge to inflect on my solitude.

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