Tuesday, August 3, 2010

erudition explorer or just an amazon consumer?

ON THE ROAD [25th anniversary edition] Jack Kerouac; THE INTENTION EXPERIMENT Lynne McTaggart; 100 SELECTED POEMS E E Cummings; MATING: A NOVEL Norman Rush; FRANZ KAFKA: THE COMPLETE STORIES; PORTRAIT OF THE ARTIST AS A YOUNG MAN A, James Joyce; RICHARD YATES [hrdcvr] Tao Lin; SQUIREL SEEKS CHIPMUNK: A MODEST BESTIARY [hrdcvr] David Sedris; NO LOGO: NO SPACE, NO CHOICE, NO JOBS Naomi klein; BED Tao Lin; THE BLUE AND BROWN BOOKS Ludwig Wittgenstien; LOLITA Vladimir Nabokov; SWANN'S WAY [hrdcvr] Marcel Proust; THE HOLOGRAPHIC UNIVERSE Michael Talbot; INFINITE JEST [hrdcvr] David Foster Wallace; and a sitting buddha.

Most missed in Seattle: indie bookshops, relevant shows, hip people, and trader joes.

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