Friday, December 3, 2010

I've been drinking foggy grey water.

I keep thinking and feeling really good about "experiencing unbalance is a part of being balanced" and I feel the most balanced and feel like i will be progressively better balanced than I have in over a year. But I might be feeling this way because just hearing this would make someone feel like, good or something.

I'm reading 'the awakening', 'shantaram', and maybe still 'freedom' but idk i lost interest when lytha or lydia was introduced. kinda racist or something.

I had to get water from safeway because my water looks like a paintbrush with gray paint was dipped in it. I've been drinking that for 6 months knowing it looked like grey paint dilute.

scott's in california, i dont miss him.

Ive been rlly busy and it's okay b/c I'm a paranoid about personality fluctuations and this week feels scary.

my touchyscreen is broken yall, i cant open your texts, i can't text u.
can't un-do my 5am alarm. damn.

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