Friday, January 21, 2011

I feel asleep with a crest white strip on and my teeth kind of hurt.

native speaker is really good.
the whole album is out now so it's okay, you can say it might be yr new favorite band.

HI, BYE. has this "Interview with Ren Hang by Jeff Hahn."

reading Aliens and Anorexia. learning a great deal about art, Thek, Simone Weil, and S&M.

sometimes i'm just like
'stupid ass blog'


Radish King said...

I loved Aliens and Anorexia especially the second half where it got weird enough for me. I hope after you finish it you read Weil's Gravity and Grace. It's beautiful and gorgeous and goofy.

marti pants said...

radish king, you are like a soul mate i swear.